Grof® Breathwork Workshop with Eva Callmin

This retreat will be facilitated in English.

Grof® Breathwork is a powerful method of self-exploration and therapy. It utilizes simple means (a specific set and setting, enhanced breathing, and supportive music for internal processes) to facilitate the attainment of holotropic states of consciousness. When these states are utilized responsibly and safely, they can be genuinely healing, transformative, and informative. Grof® Breathwork is an experiential therapeutic approach linked to Transpersonal Psychology, leveraging the integrative power of holotropic states of consciousness, emotional expression, and bodywork.

This event is organized as part of Mippi Vuorikoski‘s and Maria Nalli‘s Grof® Breathwork studies. Currently, they are in their last year of a three-year training program. The facilitator for the event is their supervisor, Eva Cállmin from Sweden.

Fri 30th – Sat 31st August 2024


Eva Callmin

The workshop will be facilitated by Eva Cállmin, Grof® Breathwork Facilitator and Grof Legacy Training Tutor and Supervisor. Eva Cállmin worked in a Crisis Intervention Center in California all throughout the 1980´s. She has a degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, is a certified Mindfulness instructor and dipl. Kundalini yoga teacher for 30 years. She undertook the Grof Transpersonal Training 1987-90 and has conducted Breathwork workshops in Sweden ever since.

Assistant Facilitators:
Mippi Vuorikoski’s and Maria Nalli

Mippi is a third-year student in Grof® Breathwork training. She works as a therapist in her private practice and has also been trained as a psychedelic assisted therapist by both MAPS and Fluence. Mippi works as a therapist in Finland´s first psychedelic study that focuses on psilocybin and alcoholic use disorder. Mippi´s therapeutic focus is relational, trauma informed and psychospiritual.

Maria is in her third year of Grof® Breathwork training. She has been working with people who have experienced crises, including as an emergency dispatcher, in child protection and with refugees since 2006. Currently, her passion lies in improving the collaboration between the mind and body. In this, she finds fulfillment as a tantra instructor and trainer, de-armouring and regression therapist.

Vihti, Finland. The location is a private property and the address will be given when payment deposit is paid.

Retreat Cost:
€240, including vegan/vegetarian food on Friday and Saturday.
We require a €100 deposit to secure you place. The deposit is non-refundable.

€20 for a mattress in the session room

For more information or to book your place, please contact:
Maria Nalli via email:
You will get the payment information in the confirmation email.