Testimonials from students following Module 2 in June 2023

“I just wanted to send you a quick message expressing my heartfelt gratitude for the last 9 days in Denmark. The amount of wisdom, care, love and support each one of you are pouring into the training is phenomenal and I feel truly blessed to be part of it. “As a Student I am receiving more than I could have ever imagined or wished for. Besides getting passed down your wisdom and experience in your lectures, and then experiencing and learning so much in our own breathwork sessions, something else magical is happening also: by bringing over 45 deeply committed psychonauts together (many of them well traversed) into a closed, well held container over a longer period of time, we students get to deeply support and enrich each other in a way that goes beyond the ordinary. The bonds of love and trust that have already been created just within the last 2 modules are extraordinary and have made for extraordinary things to happen. There is definitely more to the training than meets the eye.                                      “Thank you again for making this your lives work and your willingness and dedication to pass it on to us.” Lisa, Ireland

“Thank you all for these last 9 days! When I arrived to Module 2  I was really full (emotionally), tired and quite closed off from my heart and, for that reason, quite closed off and disconnected from myself, so quite reserved also. Having my own time and space I was able to recharge, and of course through breathings I was able to purge a lot and open my heart again (the loving atmosphere also helped a lot😍), so slowly but surely I regained my more of my energy, spirit and authenticity back. I write this message to show my gratitude for this work and especially to all of you, my peers and my new family/tribe.”🙏 Antti, Finland

“I am so proud to be a part of this training. The teachers are full of knowledge, experience and passion and they create such a safe for us to space to work in altered states of consciousness. The students are all so brave, beautiful, inspiring, and wild!! My tribe, thank you all.” Miriam, Norway

“Thank you everyone for holding such a safe space for me so I can stay in my vulnerability and slowly come out from my shell.” Ina, Norway