GLT Nordic Payment & Cancellation Policies

The payment policy applies to the three-year Grof Legacy Training organised by GLT Nordic.

It is a three-year program, and any student commits to pay the agreed amount for one year at a time and agrees to the cancellation policy. Each year starts on day one of the first module of that year.

The fees are set by GLT Nordic prior to each year. The fee includes both training and food and accommodation.

The fees can be paid in one or three instalments at specific dates unless otherwise agreed. All students sign up for the whole year and by signing up students agree to pay for the whole year, whether or not paying in one or more instalments, or whether they for any reason decide to leave the training before the end of the year.

There is a special price for those who commit and pay for year two and three in one instalment. 

The fees for each year (the last two years if paid in one instalment) are not refundable except under the agreement below. 


If you need to cancel your booking before the start of the training year (day one of that year’s first module), you must let us know as soon as possible through email to 

The amount of your refund depends on how much notice you give: 

  • More than 3 month notice: 100% refund less DKK 500 administration fee.
  • From 3 to 2 month notice: 75% refund less DKK 500 administration fee.
  • From 2 – 1 month notice: 50% refund less DKK 500 administration fee.
  • Less than 1 month before the training year commences: sorry, no refund.

The amount includes both training fee and fee for food and accommodation. The reason for this is that our negotiated food/accommodation fees are dependent upon an agreed number of participants. 

If payment has been for 2 or 3 years in 1 instalment, the cancellation policy counts for the whole period paid for.

In case of schedule changes: 

  • If GLT Nordic must cancel the training before it starts due to low enrolment or other unforeseen circumstances full payment will be refunded. 
  • In case a module needs to be rescheduled and no acceptable alternative can be found, the value of that module will be refunded. 
  • Changes to supervision days and webinars due to unforeseen circumstances may happen. Such changes will be given with as much notice as possible and will not otherwise be compensated.
  • Refunding does not include travel expenses. With that in mind, students might consider including this in travel insurance.


Revised June 28, 2023