Ole is a Danish medical doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist MPF, appointed by Stanislav and Brigitte Grof to conduct the Grof Legacy Training in the Nordic countries, Britain and Ireland.


Sweden, worked in a Crisis Intervention Center in California all throughout the 1980´s and undertook the Grof Transpersonal Training 1987-90. Eva has been working with psychotherapy and holotropic breathwork ever since. She is also dipl. Kundaliniyogateacher for 30 years and a dipl. Mindfulness instructor.


Sweden, has been in practice for 47 years as a licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist in individual therapy and has offered supervision and training for many years. He is also a body psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.


Katie is a Steiner kindergarten pedagogue with 16 years teaching experience. She studied Tibetan Buddhism in London and now lives at Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland together with her partner Ole Ry.


Claire began her journey with Holotropic breathwork in 2006, which modality played a major part during her healing process. She certified with GTT in 2016 and has facilitated between 2016 and 2019 during Grof Transpersonal Training modules in Slovenia, and Spain. She co-facilitates regularly in Ireland, at Danu Lodge Retreat Centre, in Co Wexford.


Lisa is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist working in adult and adolescent mental health for over 20 years.  Lisa is specifically experienced and trained in the area of sexuality and gender. She is also particularly skilled and experienced in working with any form of psychological trauma. Lisa lives in Ireland. 


Ida is a Norwegian Ph.D. student in the Department of Research
Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) specializing
in psychedelic research. She is a teaching assistant in the Philosophy,
Cosmology, and Consciousness program at CIIS, teaching in The Way of
the Psychonaut

Andreas Rodenkirchen


Andreas Rodenkirchen is a swedish actor, director and gestalt practitioner. He has worked in the dramatic arts for nearly 25 years. Andreas has also been working with individual clients, leading workshops, coaching companies and public authorities in dealing with stress, trauma and difficult situations and relations as well as on topics such as creativity, leadership, conflict management/resolution and public speaking.


Kim has a background as an addiction therapist and trained in Gestalt psychotherapy, certifying in 2003. He has worked with people with addiction and complex trauma and he is in private practice as a Gestalt therapist, TRE practitioner and supervisor.


Phyllida born in Donegal, Ireland, now lives in Edinburgh. She studied Humanistic Psychology and completed 5 years of psychotherapy with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. In her 20s she spent time in an order of nuns, in Ireland. After she left the order, she married and has two children and two grandchildren.