Lisa is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist working in adult and adolescent mental health for over 20 years.

She studied Clinical Psychology as well as Sex Research and Forensic Psychiatry at the University Hamburg, Germany,  and worked at the Institute for Sex Research at the University Hospital Hamburg until her return to Ireland in 2007. Since then she works in private practice in Clonakilty, Ireland.

Lisa works in all areas of adult mental health, and she is specifically experienced and trained in the area of sexuality and gender.

She is also particularly skilled and experienced in working with any form of psychological trauma. 

Lisa is also passionate about working with women on topics related to women’s emotional, physical, mental, and sexual health. She has been leading workshops, retreats, and circles for women as well as teenage girls for the last 10 years.

Lisa is also a certified cacao facilitator and shamanic practitioner and has trained as a yoga teacher in many different modalities. She is currently in ongoing training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy as well as Structural Yoga Therapy. 

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