Andreas Rodenkirchen

Andreas Rodenkirchen

Andreas Rodenkirchen is a swedish actor, director and gestalt practitioner. He graduated as Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts and Media at the Theatre Academy of Luleå in 2000. He has since been working as an actor, director, writer, editor and translator of scripts. He has worked in musicals, theatre, film, television and music and mentored a number of actors, directors and scriptwriters.

After training at the Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia (2005-2008) he’s also been working with the psychotherapeutical aspect in different settings and environments.

In his creative and humanistic work he searched for deeper methods, knowledge and understanding concerning the essence of our human existence, leading his way to Grof Legacy Training Nordic.

Andreas first encountered gestalt therapy at the Theatre Academy of Luleå, where it was used as a method for actors training. Inspired by the authenticity and aliveness it brought to the dramatic arts, he committed himself to the training at the Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia, in order to deepen his knowledge and skills on the subject. This is also where he met Ole Ry, GLT Nordic’s Director of Studies.

He has been working with individual clients, leading workshops, coaching companies as well as the Swedish Police, the Swedish Police Academy and the Swedish Army in dealing with stress, trauma and difficult situations and relations as well as on topics such as creativity, leadership, conflict management/resolution and public speaking.

Getting Holotropic Breathwork as a birthday present and meeting Bo Wikström led to three workshops with Stanislav Grof, participation in the Transpersonal Conference in Prague and a lot of breathing.

After the tragic death of his wife Camilla in 2019, the existential perspective sharpened and a new chapter unfolded.

He is part of the first cohort in GLT Nordic.